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Manly Manly Man

Craig Jackson 1 year ago

Okay guys, take a moment to beat your chests and get a little sweaty. ‘Cause we’re talking about being MEN in this issue. Manly, sweaty, sex-lovin’ men. Sure, we’re good guys. Sure we have brains. But we are also men…

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Smooth Moves for Every Guy

Luke Hunter 1 year ago

How smooth are your moves? Every guy could use a few iron-clad tips to smooth the moves… Here’s a smooth one: Did you know that women need to be super well-lubricated for the ultimate sexual experience? Sexologist Adora Diana dishes…

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Sex, Mood, and Marriage

Craig Jackson 2 years ago

Ever feel like you’re just not cut out for marriage? Ever feel like you don’t last long enough in bed? Most men feel that way at least a few times in their lives… And here’s what you can do about it:…

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