Author: Scott Miller

8 Daily CEO Habits for Success

You’ve read all the stories about how the average CEO earned more than you in a year by 10AM on his first working day each January. But how did they get there? It’s not all Harvard and business suits – these 8 daily habits are common among some of the

How Abnormal Is This?!?

Does your penis bend in one direction when erect? Many men experience a curvature of the penis, and for as many as one percent of all men, this curvature is a painful, more serious problem known as “Peyronie’s disease.” But did you know that there IS something you can do

The “Hardness Factor” Exercise Program

By Dr. Steven Lamm, MD As a specialist in men’s health and penile hardness, I have a number of recommendations for men about how you can lower your blood pressure, lower your risk of diabetes, and become a healthy man — with hard, healthy erections. The program I’ve created to help