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Buyers Guide: The Best Male Enhancement Pill in 2020

You want the best male enhancement pills. You know, the ones that can give you a bigger erection and spike your sex drive higher than Mt Everest, to say nothing of what they’ll do to your stamina. And, of course, you want to last longer in bed.

Well, you’ll have to wade through a lot of garbage, but after a whole lot of research, elbow grease, a very close look at too many scientific papers to mention and too many caffeine drinks to count, the best male enhancement pills are VigRX Plus, ExtenZe and ProSolution Pills.

Trust us, that’s going to save you a lot of time – and it’s going to put more and better sex in your bedroom too.

How exactly did we get to this conclusion?

We spent hundreds of hours searching through clinical studies and peer-reviewed scientific papers and personal reviews to find the male enhancement pills that work and separate them from the ones that don’t

As you might imagine, there is a lot of crap out there. But – and this is important – there are a few gems too. A few are so good they warrant your hard-earned dollars. And the top three ? They’re the best male enhancement pills you’re going to find, and here they are:

#1 – VigRX Plus

#2 – ExtenZe

#3 – ProSolution Pills

We’re going to take a closer look at each of these male enhancement products later in this review. But  before we go there, it’s important to outline some of the male enhancement scams you may encounter on your journey to natural virility.

‘Cause knowledge is power, amigo. And even if you don’t buy our recommended supplements, at least you’ll have a better idea of what to avoid!

Avoid These Male Enhancement Scams

Yup, there are plenty of male enhancement scams. Sad, but true – and you’re likely to encounter them if you’re not careful. Our research into the best male enhancement pills uncovered the following:

Free Trial Scam

Ah, the Free Trial scam. It’s the scourge of male enhancement pills and the health supplements industry in general. Here’s how it works: you sign up for a free trial of product with a free month’s supply sent to your home. You pay shipping and that’s it.

Then, in about 30 days, the company sends you more product, and this time you pay for it, typically around a hundred bucks. The reason? You didn’t read the fine print for that little box you checked when you signed up for that free trial. It says they can send you additional product at the end of that 30 days.

The best male enhancement pills don’t do this. Avoid free trials.

Counterfeit and Expired Products

Counterfeiting is a big problem with some of the more popular male enhancement pills because there’s a lot of money to be made – and to be fair, this isn’t the manufacturer’s fault. You’re at higher risk of counterfeit male enhancement pills on third party sites like Amazon and eBay. The same goes for expired products, which some sellers buy for pennies on the dollar and resell on these sites for slightly less than market value.

Your move? Buy male enhancement pills direct from the manufacturer. It’s an easy way to avoid a common problem,


Some male enhancement pills are too weak to do anything. Zinc is a good example. It’s an essential mineral found in many male enhancement supplements, often in such a low dosage there’s no point even having it there. Our research found one supplement that had less than half of 1% of Zinc’s daily recommended intake.

Any guesses what less than half of 1% of the daily recommended intake of Zinc will do for your bedroom performance? How about ‘nothing’.

The Testofen Scam

At one time, Testofen was a darling of the male enhancement industry. It’s a proprietary natural compound that’s ‘clinically proven’ to boost testosterone. The problem with that? That ‘clinical’ part – the study was flawed, and the makers of Testofen settled a lawsuit out of court for a painful seven million bucks.

Despite this, some male enhancement pills still use Testofen in their formulas. If you see this, walk away.

How to Find Scam-Free Male Enhancement Pills

That’s what doesn’t work. Now, how do you find scam-free male enhancement pills, and, wait for it, actually get results in the process? Try this:

Clinically Studied Formulas – While the Testofens of this world may give the industry a bad name, you should still look for male enhancement pills with clinically studied ingredients. Our top-ranked male enhancement pill, VigRX Plus, takes that a step further, and commissioned an independent (and presumably, expensive) study on its entire formula.

Clinical studies are a good thing. They’re proof, or at least, a scientific suggestion, that the product does what it claims. And if those study results are positive, even better.

Proper Dosage – Low-dosed male enhancement pills are too weak to work. The best male enhancement pills are ‘the best’ because they’ve been around long enough to perfect their formulas – and their dosage.

Sales to Date – How many sales has the product made? That’s important, because happy customers re-order, which tells you something about how well it works. ExtenZe, for example, has sold over billion pills. Yes, that’s a good sign.

Brand Longevity – This builds on the last point. Male enhancement is a marathon, not a sprint. Bad products don’t last. Good ones do, and their success gives the company behind it enough revenue to expand the brand. Note that each of our picks for the best male enhancement pills have been around for almost 20 years.

No Unresolved BBB Complaints – While we’re on the subject of ‘bad male enhancement pills’, these manufacturers have a funny way of ending up on the Better Business Bureau’s website – sometimes hundreds of times. Also while we’re on the subject, that’s not the case with any of the products on our best male enhancement pills list!

Made At a CGMP-Compliant Facility – Products that are made abroad (especially in China) may have ingredients that are both undisclosed and dangerous. Look for male enhancement pills made at CGMP-Compliant facilities in the United States. That means they’re made domestically within strict health and safety regulations in place, and you can see when and where the product was made.

A 60+ Day Money-Back Guarantee – Anything less than this and the company doesn’t stand behind the product.

Live Customer Service – Recordings suck. You want to be able to speak with a live customer service agent if you have questions about the product.

Now, let’s talk about the best male enhancement pills in greater detail.

#1 – VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is, simply put, the best male enhancement pill you’re going to find. It checks all the boxes we just talked about, and can pretty much help no matter what your age or situation.

Are you a middle-aged man who finds it a little more difficult to want sex or get hard? VigRX Plus can help. A younger dude and you’re already healthy but you just want bigger erections? You’ll get plenty of those with a formula like this.

VigRX Plus helps you get an erection, keep it, make it bigger, last longer in bed, recover faster and have more sexual enjoyment – all thanks to a product that does it on every level. VigRX Plus is the best male enhancement pill for the following reasons:

1 – All-Natural – There are no synthetic ingredients in VigRX Plus. It’s all-natural, and helped paved the way for efficacy in natural male enhancement. It’s well-tolerated too, because it’s not a drug – and you don’t need a prescription to buy it.

2 – Established Brand – Not one complaint on the BBB’s website. Millions of boxes sold. Live customer service seven days a week, and the reassurance of a name with 20 years experience. These are all signs of an established brand and leader in natural male enhancement.

3 – Clinically Proven Formula – We can’t emphasize enough how rare it is to find a clinically studied male enhancement formula with good lab results. Enter VigRX Plus, which, among other stats, is shown to make sex up to 71.43% more enjoyable. And 90% of the men in the study opted to keep using VigRX Plus after the study had finished.

Are you curious why they would do that? Try VigRX Plus yourself…

4 – Helps Ongoing Sexual Virility – VigRX Plus helps address the issues that can affect the male sex drive as we age. It helps promote higher testosterone and encourages better blood flow to the penis. You can have awesome sex whenever and where ever you like as a result.

Click here to learn more about VigRX Plus

#2 – ExtenZe

ExtenZe is another heavy hitter in natural male enhancement. It’s just a notch under VigRX Plus and does most of the same things. It helps boost your erection size and quality, along with better stamina and sex drive as well.

As well, it’s a liquid gelcap and has an extended release formula. This puts more of these sexual nutrients in your bloodstream, and gives you better results to go with it.

Here’s why ExtenZe makes our list of the best male enhancement pills:

1 – It Boosts Testosterone – ExtenZe helps naturally boost testosterone. That’s important, because lower levels of this manly hormone can make it hard to show up. ExtenZe is ideally dosed to help you get bigger and harder erections, boost your stamina and make sex a lot more fun.

2 – They’ve Sold Over a Billion Pills – Happy male enhancement customers attract more male enhancement customers. When they’re done, they reorder. That’s why they’ve sold over a billion pills, and you might want to try them as well.

3 – Helps Long-Term Sexual Virility – Take ExtenZe daily and you’re always ready to perform. ExtenZe’s extended release formula also puts more of these nutrients in your bloodstream, for a slow, steady release that helps you rock the bedroom whenever you want.

Click here to read more about Extenze

#3 – ProSolution Pills

ProSolution Pills is definitely a contender for one of the best male enhancement pills on the market. Like the other two on this list, it’s a well-known brand that takes erection quality and virility to a much higher level. Think better sex drive, bigger erections, awesome stamina and climax control.

Here’s why ProSolution Pills is on this list:

1 – It’s a Natural Alternative to Prescription Drugs – ProSolution Pills is completely natural. It’s made of herbals, vitamins, minerals and sexual nutrients that help guys get an erection and keep it. For some men, this may be a good option if they can’t take prescription ED pills because of a health condition.

2 – Well-Respected Male Enhancement Brand – ProSolution is one of the biggest names in natural male enhancement. Like VigRX, it’s been around for two decades and had enough success to expand the brand with a natural lubricant and a premature ejaculation supplement. You can trust ProSolution.

3 – Clinically Studied Ingredients – ProSolution Pills is made of sexual nutrients that have shown to help sexual virility in many clinical studies. It’s made in the United States and, wait for it – it works!

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