Author: Luke Hunter

Can a Pill Really Make You Smarter?

Imagine a scenario in which you take a pill and become smarter immediately? One that would improve your psychological skills, including attention, memory, concentration, motivation, and other higher functions? It’s an undeniable fact that overpriced vitamins are all up in your feed. But the latest bottles, which invade your social

Is She Keeping These 9 Things From You?

A woman’s heart is an ocean of secrets. You know that, but is that good or bad? Is what’s going on deep within the recesses of her mind something she can use against you? Hint, she does – sometimes. Knowledge is power, so pull up a chair and take a

4 Ways to Build Muscle After 40

You may have seen pictures recently of a completely ripped JK Simmons (OK, Vern Schillinger if you’re an Oz junkie). Agreed, the dude’s packing some major pipes. But that’s not why the photos went viral. The bigger story was the actor’s age: 61 years-young at the time they were taken.

Smooth Moves for Every Guy

How smooth are your moves? Every guy could use a few iron-clad tips to smooth the moves… Here’s a smooth one: Did you know that women need to be super well-lubricated for the ultimate sexual experience? Sexologist Adora Diana dishes the goods on lubes that smooth the way. And how

Spring Cleaning — For Your Body!

Spring is in the air… and at this time of year more than any other, our thoughts turn to our health. It’s time to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and sunnier days. It’s also time to do a little “spring cleaning” on your body. That’s why this issue of

The Secrets to Success

Sure, we all want to succeed “in life.” But let’s get real about the specific things we want to succeed in. For example, who hasn’t had a super hot female friend you want to get into your bed… but don’t really know how to approach it. Use this step-by-step technique and you’re practically guaranteed

Life’s Important Questions

Not enough energy for sex? Questions about your penis — or your male enhancement exercises? Wondering WHY the heck you’re not meeting any women lately? Who’s NOT thinking about at least one or two of these questions — especially at this time of year, when we’re no longer preoccupied with

Age and Agency: What Are Your Options?

Message from Craig Jackson, Editor In the last issue of the “Just For Guys” newsletter, we talked about how aging can affect your performance in the bedroom… Today we’re going to hear Dr. Stephen Lamm’s advice about aging and the quality of your erections. AJ Alfaro chimes in with great