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Sorry Guys, This Study Says Size Really Does Matter

Brace yourselves boys. Turns out penis size really does matter.

Does that fly in the face of what you’ve heard, be it from women or psychologist-written articles you’ve read that assure guys the size of their Johnson doesn’t matter?

Well, cold, hard science suggests they’re wrong. That’s according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) in 2013.

It’s one of the few clinical studies done on penis size – a notable difference than many penis size articles written by women’s ‘experts’, many of whom don’t appear to be telling the full story about this sensitive topic.

Cold, Hard Science

The study consisted of 105 Australian women with an average age of 26. Researchers asked the women to review 53 slides of computer-generated male figures with different heights, body types and flaccid penis lengths.

The figures rotated, so women could see them from different angles.

Importantly, they were not told they were taking part in a study about penis size. Rather, they were asked to rate each figure for sexual attractiveness – and their responses were anonymous.

The results? Bigger was better. Tall men with long penises were most attractive.

Survival of the Biggest

Image result for roman statue penis

One of the more interesting takeaways from the study is that the womens’ eyes gravitated toward bigger men and tended to stay there.

There may be an evolutionary reason for this – and why human males have relatively bigger genitalia compared to other primates.

In man’s early days, before clothing, the penis would have been visible to potential mates. Extrapolate a little and you can see how men with bigger genitalia got more action – and offspring to show for it.

And that desire for men with bigger reproductive organs was common among women of all cultures. While over 70% of the women were European origin, 20% were Asian and seven percent from somewhere else.

Why are these findings so different than what many guys have been told about penis size? The study authors say because penis size is a sensitive topic, many women may have bit their tongue or were not asked directly.

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