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Manly Manly Man

Manly Man

Okay guys, take a moment to beat your chests and get a little sweaty. ‘Cause we’re talking about being MEN in this issue. Manly, sweaty, sex-lovin’ men.

Sure, we’re good guys. Sure we have brains. But we are also men — men who sometimes need to be reminded that it’s okay to be “the man.”

It’s okay to want to feel like the manly guy in a relationship. It’s okay to want to be well hung (and to know how to make it happen). It’s okay to want to be full of energy and power — not tired, fat, and whiny.

After all, the real truth is that WOMEN LOVE IT. So let out a good manly roar. And go get ’em, tiger.

Anatomy of the Penis (And How to Make It Bigger)
By A.J. Alfaro

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The penis is a complex organ made up of many different structures. Each of these structures must be considered and addressed in different ways for your penis enlargement program to really work.

Below are some excellent questions I’ve received from my clients regarding techniques for enlarging specific parts of the penis to achieve maximum overall gains.


Are the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum just hollow areas or spongy tissue? When I’m doing the Jelq exercise, is the aim to enlarge individual cells within these areas, or can you build completely new ones?


The corpora and corpus does indeed consist of spongy tissue.

The idea behind the Jelq is to forcibly stretch the cell compartments a bit above what they are accustomed to during an erection. The plasticity of the penis lends itself well to this type of stress, and eventually, larger cell volumes are achieved.


I was sitting stretching today and thought… what happens too all the veins and arteries within the penis? Do they simply stretch and rebuild too?


Your veins and arteries will stretch and grow along with the rest of the penis. The vessels and other structures are designed to expand and contract with erections and flaccidity.

As long as you don’t abuse your exercises, you don’t have to worry about damaging these blood vessels.

You will likely cause petechiae (little pinpoint-sized bruises) when you’re doing your penis enlargement exercises. This is a result of superficial capillary damage, but is not serious and is quick to heal.


There is a difference between stretching ligaments with lighter but longer sessions than thickening ligaments with much heavier weight for shorter sessions.

I’m worried that I’m going to wind up thickening my ligaments, thereby restricting future gains in penile length. Could this happen?


You can have tough ligaments and still make maximal length gains as long as you train each aspect maximally. The ligaments get tougher when the muscles attached to them contract against resistance. Most stretching exercises require that you perform them completely passive– i.e., with no contractions.


What is a “tunica”? What is its role in PE?


The penile tunica (tunica albuginea) is a tough fibrous fascia that encases the penis and is the chief limiter of girth (and to some extent, length).

There are other fascial structures such as Buck’s (Deep) fascia, as well as trabeculae that also provide support to the structures of the penis, but for general purposes, the term “tunica” is used when referring to the fascial structures that you’re hoping to expand by doing PE.

Think of the tunica as a balloon. Repeated hyperexpansion of the tunica eventually stretches it, which allows the structures inside to expand.


What’s the best way to measure the girth of my penis?


For recording purposes, measuring while the penis is erect is the best way of recording progress.

Although you will notice a dramatic increase in the size of your penis while it’s unerect, unerect lengths vary too much to be an accurate method of gauging progress.

To measure girth, with your penis fully erect, wrap the measuring tape around your penis directly behind the glans (head) of the penis.

And don’t forget: when measuring the length of your penis, your results will be more accurate when you measure along the top of your penis from the tip to your pubic bone.

For more information on how to excel with your male enhancement program, and to find out more about how I can personally help you achieve your goals, click here.

Do Women Really Want Role Reversal?

Guys, I’ve said it again and again… and I can’t believe it needs to be said yet again: Women do NOT want role reversal!

Women want men to act like men. No matter how much she makes, what kind of leadership role she has in her career, or how successful she is, she still wants to come home to a MAN.

That does not mean she wants inequality or chauvinism. Of course not. Women really have come a long way, baby, and they’re not about to go back to the days of aprons and apple pie.

What it does mean is that a woman wants to come home to a man who’s naughty, funny, and playful; a guy who leads in the relationship and, most importantly, is just as committed to success as she is.

In other words — and this is important — women want today’s men to be even manlierthan before, to excel at a completely new level.

Be a Man Among a Dying Breed of Men

Sadly, most men are choosing the route of the girly-man, the whining, simpering fool who thinks he should act like the old (erroneous) helpless female stereotype because, according to the media, that’s what women want.

It’s not.

Never have women wanted men to act more like men than in this day and age.

Women have more stress and more responsibility than ever, and the last thing they want in their relationships is to take care of a little baby.

They want a man who’s going to provide emotional comfort and security while happily shouldering the same stresses and burdens she chooses to.

And so, while many men choose to spiral slowly downward into chosen emasculation, the few of us who see the opportunity for what it is will have the opportunity to welcome amazingly beautiful and successful women into our lives because we know what they really want: a man who acts like a man.

And Play Yer Music LOUD

Here’s a method of getting the girly-man out of your system: Revert to the music that used to be played.

Remember when good old rock ‘n’ roll was loud and unapologetic?

Back when real music was played on a regular basis, there was a saying: “If it’s too loud, you’re too old.” It was the brash, in your face, fun in the name of rock and roll that drove all the women wild.

Oh, they said they didn’t like heavy metal, but when you went to a concert… well, you guys who were there know what I’m talking about.

Today, it seems, the saying should be: “If it’s too loud, you’re too young.” 

Today’s music (a misnomer, since this garbage has been ongoing since 1992) is not meant to be played loud. It can’t be.

It’s meant to moan about how hard life is, how misunderstood the youth of today are, and about how women never notice nice guys.

The attitude of that kind of music is a huge turn off. Women don’t want men who whine, men who gripe all the time, men who are tentative. And they certainly don’t want men who believe they are unattractive.

They want men with the rock ‘n’ roll attitude, men who believe in all those great tunes meant to be played LOUD and PROUD.

“Just For Guys” Fun Fact…

Women are sexually attracted to the smell of a man’s underarm odor.

Is Too Much Light Making Us Flabby and Sleepy?By Dr. Z, ND

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Almost eighty million North Americans admit they are tired. Eighteen million of those eighty million are on Prozac and a few more are on Paxil, Serzone or Celexa, which means they’re depressed, too. Untold other millions are taking sleeping pills.

Recent research on happiness found that three factors are most detrimental to happiness: chronic pain, depression, and sleep disorders — NOT economic status, or marital happiness, or whatever else you might have thought it was.

The finding of the connection between the sleep disorders and level of happiness was initially the most surprising to the researchers. Why do so many people feel tired?

A Light Bulb Moment

A major problem with our fatigue levels may be related to the development of the light bulb and electricity about 100 years ago. Once electric light was introduced, it allowed for extended daylight hours.

Now in 2010 we have factories running day and night, 24-hour shopping, access to bright televisions and electronic media any time of day, and cities that are lit up like Christmas trees, creating a bright night sky.

In 1910 the average adult was still sleeping nine to ten hours a night, or 4,370 hours in an average year. Now that number is down to 2,555.

We evolved over millions of years to live in sync with the seasons. Long daylight hours in the summer signal to our bodies that winter is on its way and it is time to eat and store fat for the lean season. Think about bears and squirrels.

By extending our daylight hours artificially and not getting enough sleep, the body is tricked into living in a perpetual summer, which signals it to eat, eat, eat. Combine this with our reduced activity levels and easily available simple carbohydrates, and we have a recipe for a fat and sick population.

Hormones, Sleep, and Obesity

The hormone connected with sleep that we hear about most often is melatonin. However, there are at least ten different hormones as well as many neurotransmitters in the brain that go sideways when we don’t get enough sleep.

These hormones and chemicals can affect your happiness, fertility, appetite, your risk of obesity, heart disease, and cancer.

Obesity rates in the US and Canada are among the highest in the world, with 64 percent of adults being overweight and 26 percent obese.

With this steadily increasing weight gain over the past 100 years, we’ve arrived at a veritable epidemic of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and a host of other health problems, including reduced sperm counts in men.

And, no surprise, all this is making us grumpy, too.

Melatonin is created during sleep and is converted to serotonin. Seratonin enhances mood and well-being. Without enough sleep, our mood and general well-being begin to plummet.

Daylight levels also affect dopamine levels. Too much dopamine makes you impulsive and hungry.

Lights Out!

If you have a weight problem, a mood problem, or you crave carbohydrates, try sleeping more.

Make sure your room is very dark or wear a sleeping mask. This will help to reset your hormones and neurotransmitter levels to normal rates.

And as a result, you will feel better, look better, have better sex, and live longer. Don’t you think that’s worth a little lights out?

See You Next Time!

Okay guys. We know you’re manly at heart. But sometimes we need to talk about being a guy. You know — a guy who is tough and energetic; not flabby and fatigued. A guy who has a penis size to be proud of. Who doesn’t let his woman wear the pants.

There are lots of ways to be a real man. A real man can be defined by his intelligence, or how well he cares for his family. We don’t have to be thugs with stinky armpits.

… But we all know that at times, the other elements help, too!

What makes YOU feel like a real man? Get in touch at or on the web at

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