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The Secrets to Success

The Secrets to Success

Sure, we all want to succeed “in life.” But let’s get real about the specific things we want to succeed in.

For example, who hasn’t had a super hot female friend you want to get into your bed… but don’t really know how to approach it.

Use this step-by-step technique and you’re practically guaranteed success.

Who hasn’t wanted to succeed in losing some love handles?

Mike “fitness guru” Wonnacott has a complete plan to eliminate unwanted fat once and for all.

And who doesn’t want to make a woman happy in bed?!? Your first step is to get an “insider’s” look at what women DON’T want — but get most of the time.

Success is just a moment away!

How to Go From “Friends” to “Physical”

It’s the age-old problem for men:

You have a female friend. She’s hot. You want her to be much more than just a friend.

You want to get physical. Very physical.

But how? And how can you approach her without things getting “weird” between you?

How NOT to Get Physical with your Hot Friend

Let’s start by talking about what NOT to do, which is exactly what most guys do.

What you do NOT want to do is suddenly “confess your feelings” to her.

You also do NOT want to make a sudden move and grab her or kiss her.

If you do that, I assure you, she’ll tell you “I don’t want to ruin our friendship,” and then, of course the friendship will be ruined. And you will never get physical.

The Idea of Getting Physical

So now that you know what NOT to do, what CAN you do to get physical with your hot friend?

What you have to do is gradually condition her to the idea of you being attractive, and — this is vitally important — make her think it’s her idea.

So, over time, you want to start being a little more unavailable.

You want to be naughty, funny, playful, and you want to touch and tease her lightly — but always take it away.

Then you want to get her to think about the idea of dating you by saying something like:

“Oh well, it’s too bad we can never date because I’d hate to ruin our friendship.”

Women hate to hear that as much as men, by the way.

The Physical Challenge

What will happen is this: she will start to think of you as a challenge. And women love challenges. Women find challenging men attractive.

And then she’ll start to respond to your playful teasing just a bit more.

You want to continue to break off the teasing for a little while longer and say things like: “No, we shouldn’t be doing this,” and then, finally, let it “happen.”

Things, of course, never just happen.

But if you talk to a woman who got physical with a friend, she’ll always say, “it just happened.”

What you are doing, essentially, is activating the process for “it” to “just happen,” without any resistance on her part.

In fact, she’ll think it’s her idea. She’ll think you suddenly became so attractive that she just couldn’t resist you.

You don’t have to tell her that was your plan all along.

Five Steps to Fat Loss — For Life

By Mike Wonnacott

Fact: Losing body fat takes longer than putting it on.

Fact: Results are not seen overnight.

Fact: What you do out of the gym is even more important than what you do at the gym.

So, you are interested in shedding a few unwanted pounds…. But you’re finding that your hour a day walking or running on the treadmill is doing nothing for you?

You’re not alone. Answer me this:

What did you do when you were out of the gym? Did you eat the same things and drink the same things? Did you change your lifestyle at all?

You should.

In order to lose fat, what you do outside the gym is more important than what you do in the gym.

Don’t get me wrong:

The combination of a well planned fitness routine and better eating habits will result in the best possible fat-loss scenario.

However, most people think buying a gym membership and showing up once in a while will get them the results they are looking for.

And unfortunately, that just ain’t the case.

Five Steps to Fat Loss

Here is a five-step program to help you reach your fat-loss goals:

Step 1: Take a Snapshot of Your Current Life

  • How much exercise are you currently doing?
  • Get body composition test that includes a body fat percentage.
  • Start a food log in which you document everything you take in your body over the course of two weeks (be honest!).
  • Document how much water you are drinking on average per day.
  • Calculate your target heart rate — this is where you will burn the most fat. The calculation is 220 minus your age, and then 75% of that number. For example, a 40-year-old would calculate the following target heart rate:220 – 40 = 180; 75% of 180 = 135 beats per minute
  • Get a check up by your doctor. Make sure you are healthy and ready for a new fitness routine.

Step 2: Change Your Diet to the Following Fat-Loss Plan

  • Eat 6 meals a day.
  • Eat the following foods: oatmeal, egg whites, brown rice, green vegetables, sweet potatoes, fish, and yams.
  • Meals should be two hours apart.
  • No meals later than 7:30 at night.
  • Allow yourself one cheat day a week, where you can eat whatever you want.
  • Drink three to four liters of water a day.
  • Don’t eat any sugars, bread, or pasta, and have very little dairy.

Step 3: Follow This Fitness Plan

  • Work out two days on, one day off. For example, train Monday and Tuesday, take Wednesday off; train Thursday and Friday. Taking the weekend off is up to you. Maybe do some outdoor activities with family and friends.
  • Warm up and cool down. Do a 10-15 minute warm-up before strength training and 10-15 minute cool-down after.
  • Strength training can consist of weight training, plyometrics, etc… anything where the demand on the body is greater than normal.
  • Keep your heart rate up. Ideally, to burn fat, you want to keep your heart up in the target heart rate zone (use the calculation shown earlier).

Step 4: Rest

  • The day off from training means rest. Rest lets your body recuperate and heal from the previous workouts.
  • A good night’s sleep is just as important as the days off from training. All-night partying and long overtime hours will hamper your success.

Step 5: Patience and Dedication

You will not see results overnight.

In fact, that first week of change in your lifestyle will seem like torture rather than improvement. Muscles will hurt, your body will be craving the wrong foods, you will be tired — maybe even cranky.

Once you get past the first two weeks, your body will begin to adjust.

And to be perfectly honest with you, visual results will not be noticeable until the fourth week of this routine.

This is a real plan, with real results, that will give you a lifetime of healthy habits.

It’s not a get-thin-quick then gain-it-all-back program, like so many of the hyped up marketing ploys you see on the ‘net these days.

Patience is mandatory, along with the dedication to stick with the plan, knowing that it will soon pay off.

You must be prepared when making this transition in your life and tell yourself to hang in there; that what you are doing today will benefit you for the rest of your life.

“Just For Guys” Fun Fact…

The term “love handles” was first used in the 1960s.

The term “muffin top” was first used in 2003.

Women’s #1 Complaint in the BedroomBy Adora Diana

Editor’s Note: Hey guys — Adora writes articles for our sister publication, the “Just For Her” Newsletter. Check out the women’s perspective on how to make women happy in bed — after all, they should know! 😉

Men are different than women. Everybody knows this. But what makes men and women different in bed?

And more to the point: What do women really want in bed?

While every woman is different, there are some common preferences and complaints among many women.

Of course the following is generalized, and may not apply to all women… but it doesapply to the majority of women, the majority of the time.

Women’s #1 Sex Complaint

Ask almost any woman her number-one complaint about her sex life and she’ll tell you: It’s men’s attitude toward a sexual encounter.

That’s because men seek the goal, not the experience.

It’s the same every time, she’ll say.

Any touch leads to sexual touch, which results in penetration, YOUR orgasm, and the end of the session.

Sounds good to you, right?

Fine, but you’re not going to get a lot of action if you don’t give her what she wants. And it’ll be way hotter if you do.

Here’s what women actually want:

  • Sometimes women want touch that does not lead to sex.
  • Sometimes women want good sex — without penetration.
  • Oftentimes women don’t want sex to be over after you ejaculate.

While men are very goal oriented, women tend to be more experience oriented. With men, the common goal with sex (whether alone or with a partner) is orgasm and ejaculation, and with a partner the goal also includes penetration.

Not tonight, honey…

Most women have said — and most men have heard — a variation of, “Not tonight, dear, [insert excuse here].”

Sometimes this results from a difference of what each person wants and what they think the other person wants.

The common pattern of sex is:

Foreplay –> Penetration –> Male Orgasm –> End

Often, men will rush into sex with the intention of penetration. Following the same pattern can get mechanical and boring — especially for a woman.

Sex can be VERY enjoyable even without penetration. And guys, sex doesn’t have to be over after you “finish.”

The Secrets of Better Sex… and MORE Sex!

Enjoy the pleasure of touch without sex. Start touching her without expecting or initiating sex. Involve many parts of her body. Rub her shoulders, hold her hand, put your arm around her.

It will pay off later when she wants you. She may even begin to initiate sex more.

Touch her all over. Whether during sexual or non-sexual touch, remember that the skin is the largest sex organ.

Women enjoy and get turned on by more than just their breasts and genitals.

Start exploring some of her special places. Where does she enjoy touch?

Could it be her neck, her back, the insides of her thighs, behind her knees, the insides of her elbows?

Where does she like a feather touch; where does she like a firm touch; where does she like a hot kiss?

Learn her body language; learn her sounds. Find out what she likes and when.

Change things up a bit. Adventure keeps things fresh and exciting. Try taking penetration off the menu every once in a while. Communicate this to her beforehand. Tell her that you want to focus on her pleasure.

When you do have intercourse, and when you do ejaculate, save enough energy to offer her more.

Whether she wants another orgasm or just a cuddle, give her some positive closure before rolling over and going to sleep.

That way, she’ll want to repeat the whole experience again and again…

See You Next Time!

Ah, women, sex, and love handles. The naked truth is that when these things are well taken care of in our lives, we feel happy, confident, and successful.

And when we feel that way, it can only lead to even better things.

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