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Age and Agency: What Are Your Options?

Age and Agency: What Are Your Options?

Message from Craig Jackson, Editor

In the last issue of the “Just For Guys” newsletter, we talked about how aging can affect your performance in the bedroom…

Today we’re going to hear Dr. Stephen Lamm’s advice about aging and the quality of your erections. AJ Alfaro chimes in with great information about male enhancement programs for the aging man.

And dating experts explain why it’s just not true that “some men have all the luck” — and how YOU need to be an agent of change.

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When Your Penis Begins to Age…By Dr. Steven Lamm, MD

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When you were a teenager, an erection would appear just by thinking about… well, just by thinking!

Most men have embarrassing stories of erections occurring at the wrong time and place — such as sitting on a crowded bus and having to stand and get off at the next stop.

But the passage of time has a way of changing things for all parts of the body — including the penis.

At 21, putting a condom on is never a problem, for the penis is literally hard as steel. It throbs and even points upward when fully erect.

By 40, it’s a different story for many…

The 40-Year-Old Penis

Yes, the penis is still hard at 40, but certainly not like it was twenty years earlier. Over time, a man loses some of his “Hardness Factor” as nerve connections deteriorate.

Your penis may now point slightly downward or to the side when erect. For some, it takes more than a hint or a sexual fantasy to develop a full erection.

Testosterone levels start to decline slightly in your forties and the arousal system now needs more help. By 40 or 50, putting a condom on may actually cause a man to lose his erection. Direct touch to the skin of the penis may be required, so the partner has to take the lead here or provide more caressing of the penis during lovemaking.

Ejaculations also take longer and are beginning to lose their power. The refractory period, the time between ejaculations, begins to stretch to twenty minutes or more.

In addition to lower testosterone levels, growth hormone and the related hormone, DHEA, also begin to drop.

With them go a man’s sex drive, replaced by more erection problems, plus an increase in body fat and weight, depression, mood swings, decreased muscle strength, and oftentimes a general decrease in well-being and health.

The “Hardness Factor” Solution…

Problems with hardness, although common as a man ages, are not inevitable, nor are they a natural part of aging. Erections may certainly start to lose their hardness as a man gets older, and many men do not get past half-mast by the time they are 50.

The fact is, if you want a great sex life at 35, 40, 50, and beyond, you CAN still have it.

Physical changes that have a major impact on sexual performance are typically related to lifestyle issues — and these can all be addressed: the sooner, the better.

The best way to ensure a robust sex life is your 50s and 60s is to learn how to increase your hardness in your 30s and 40s.

Awareness of these issues — as well as ones that affect your partner, such as vaginal dryness — will enable you to maximize your pleasure. If a man develops consistent hardness problems, there may be an underlying disease process of some kind at fault.

The good news, however, is that with the Hardness Factor Six-Week Program, these problems are generally reversible through lifestyle changes and supplementation. For those with more advanced disease, there are always the prescription erection medications to boost hardness.

Male Enhancement for the Aging ManBy A.J. Alfaro

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Some of the most common queries I receive are from older gentlemen wanting to know if they can do male enhancement exercises with good results.

Most of them are victims of thinking that once a man reaches a certain age, a certain amount of physical decline is inevitable.

Well, I’m here to tell you: that’s just not true!

Do Not Go Limply Into That Good Night!

It’s been my experience that, barring any medical issues, older men can indeed add penis size, hardness, and sexual stamina by using male enhancement exercises.

Often, older men will initially see a more profound difference than their younger counterparts because they’re reversing the effects of disuse that’s common among aging men.

So what age ranges are we talking about here?

Well, from about the age of 40 on, most men should start on a program to prevent a decline in performance. But adult males of all ages will benefit from male enhancement exercises.

There are men in their seventies who have taken up male enhancement exercises and have done very well with them!

However, there are some differences in the way an older gentleman will need to approach male enhancement training…

Recommendations For The Older Trainer

If you’re in your fifties or beyond, then you’ll want to follow a few guidelines for male enhancement training:

  1. If you’re suffering from severe erectile dysfunction, then any training for enlargement should take a back seat to training to resume potency.
  2. Do not begin any training program until you have a thorough medical checkupto ensure that you can safely perform the required exercises, and be able to benefit from them.
  3. Start with a level of training that won’t overwhelm or discourage you. You may need to alter your routine to fit your tolerances. If you are out of shape or have special medical needs, you may need individual instruction. (Click here to find out more about my personal consultation services.)

If you’re ready to start on a new male enhancement program, check out the “beginner’s bootcamp” I’ve designed — but please proceed with caution, and always monitor the health of your penis carefully.

What Kind of Results Can An Older Guy Expect?

Curiously, I’ve observed that older gentleman as a group, on average, usually gain more than their younger counterparts!

This is due to the fact that older gentlemen are generally more patient and conservative in their approach to PE.

The “slow and steady” method means they typically remain injury-free and don’t hit training plateaus nearly as often.

And while it is doubtful that the typical 70-year-old man will be able to regain the potency that he had in his twenties, there’s no reason why he can’t turn back the clock 20 years or more.

A great deal of your success will have to do with your general health, level of commitment, and attitude. There are some senior citizens who are very serious about male enhancement, and they’d likely put a lot of young men to shame in the performance department.

In the end, it’s not where you start but where you finish.

With proper training, older gentlemen should be able to realize your male enhancement goals so you can enjoy an active, satisfying sex life well into your Golden Years.

“Just For Guys” Fun Fact…

Boys Reach their height of sexual functioning at age 18.

After that, testosterone levels drop steadily until they level off at age 60.

Some Guys Do NOT Have “All the Luck”

Okay guys, I have a bit of a beef with many of you:

Many men believe that meeting women, and meeting the right woman in particular, is a matter of luck.


Take one of my clients — a fit, successful, educated business owner who thinks he has no “luck” with women. He wrote me a very interesting email recently — check out his email and my response below.

QUESTION: By All Accounts, I’m A Good Catch! So Why Can’t I Meet Women?!?

Hey John:

I’ve listened to all kinds of relationship doctors (like Dr. Phil etc.) and frankly their advice is driving me crazy. It’s depressing, moronic, and insults my intelligence.

I’m a cool, fairly confident guy, who works out, goes to school, has his own business, and so on and so forth.

It’s just that when it comes to women… well, you know the rest.

Life should be fun! Life should be exciting! For me, that’s being around the company of hot, sexy, lusty women!

My friend gets all the luck, and doesn’t even have half the accomplishments that I do! If your system can offer and promise that, you’ll have a customer for life.

– Chris

ANSWER: Luck Is NOT Your Problem! Accountability Is…

Hey Chris:

Here’s the truth about attraction: There is a certain set of male behavior that creates it, and a certain set of male behavior that kills it. If you’re not getting results, then you are engaging in unattractive behavior.

Attraction is not luck, nor is it something that just happens. Your friend is not “lucky”; he’s engaging in attractive behavior, and you would do well to model him.

Attraction is a skill, and therefore something that can be learned.

It takes time, energy, effort and dedication to do so. But not as much as you might think, and it is the most fun learning you’ll ever have.

There is no “system” or “hidden piece of knowledge” that will attract women for you — it’s up to you to put the information to work for you, and to tweak it until you get results.

Every guy eventually settles on a unique attraction style — but all attraction styles have important commonalities.

If you’re truly serious about success with women, and are willing to take the responsibility to implement what I teach, then you can’t help but get results with women. Thousands of guys have done this, changing their lives forever.

As I said, attraction is very simple: there’s what works, and what doesn’t work. If you do what works, and avoid what doesn’t work, you’ll get results.

You can find out more about my system Here. It’s up to you to take action — now, and in the future.

See You Next Time!

We’re all aging a little, day by day, no matter how old we are. And that’s okay.

Because the reality is: we’re going to get older. And in this day and age (ha ha), we have options at our disposal to help us take control of the aging process so we can age gracefully, with great energy, vitality, sexuality, and health.

Don’t forget to pick up your free bottle of GenF20 Plus so you can see for yourself the difference that increasing your HGH levels makes. You’ll look and feel younger and better than you have in years!

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