Month: August 2018

The “Hardness Factor” Exercise Program

By Dr. Steven Lamm, MD As a specialist in men’s health and penile hardness, I have a number of recommendations for men about how you can lower your blood pressure, lower your risk of diabetes, and become a healthy man — with hard, healthy erections. The program I’ve created to help

The Mark of a “Real Man”

What makes a man a “real man”? What defines “manliness”? Men are hairy. Men are muscular. A “real man” is well-hung. (Insert caveman noises here.) Okay, but what if you’re losing your hair? What if your muscle mass is being ravaged by age — and I’m talking an age of more

What’s On YOUR Mind?!

Sex and women. Let’s face it: this is what we think about. At least a good chunk of the time. And when we have problems in these areas, we can’t STOP thinking about them. Problems like: Having a small penis… or not being able to “get it up” with your wife…

Let’s Talk Longevity…

We all want things to last… whether it’s your favorite socks or a good mood. But in the search for longevity in our lives, what’s really important? Sex, of course. The length of your life, of course! Your ability to hold someone’s attention — a woman’s attention. Of course. So