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The “Hardness Factor” Exercise Program

The “Hardness Factor” Exercise Program

By Dr. Steven Lamm, MD

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As a specialist in men’s health and penile hardness, I have a number of recommendations for men about how you can lower your blood pressure, lower your risk of diabetes, and become a healthy man — with hard, healthy erections.

The program I’ve created to help men overcome their hardness problems of course includes a physical exercise component.

The exercise component of the Hardness Factor Program is the one variable that is totally under your control.

Some of you may already exercise more than I recommend in the Six-Week Program, and that is certainly fantastic.

The bottom line with exercise: The more exercise you do, the greater the benefit for heart, hardness, and health. Stay motivated to run, walk, swim, bike, hike, kayak, or lift weights throughout the year by focusing simply on the pleasure you derive from it.

Resistance Training Benefits Much More Than Your Muscles!

Resistance training, whether it is with your own body weight, iron plates, or weight-training machines, builds lean body tissue — that’s muscle — and cranks up your metabolism.

When the process by which the body converts the calories in food to energy is speeded up, you can make significant gains in how you look and feel, beginning with the very first resistance workouts. Keep training on a regular basis (I like to work out at least three times a week) and you will see the following results…

Get A Testosterone (Libido) Boost

Regular resistance training increases your level of testosterone, the powerful male sex hormone. The more muscle you have and the leaner you are, the more testosterone you will have circulating in your blood.

Pare of pounds of excess body fat

As you increase muscle strength and hardness, your body will become leaner and you will have more stamina.

Speed Up Metabolism

Muscles are the most metabolically active tissues of the body. Think of them as engines that are always turned on. For every pound of muscle you put on, expect to burn an additional 100 calories per day. Even when your muscles are at rest, and this includes when you are sleeping, your muscles keep burning calories.

Improve the functioning of your heart

Like your other muscles, the heart becomes stronger and larger because of weight training. A fit heart will pump more blood at this maximum level and can sustain it longer with less strain.

Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Sex is a whole-body experience, so it makes sense that you’ll enjoy it more when your heart, muscles, and blood vessels are performing at peak levels, thanks to having muscles that are more powerful.

Combat Excess Blood Sugar

Resistance training builds muscle, increasing the sensitivity of cells to insulin, which, in turn, lowers blood sugar and the need for insulin. This helps prevent adult-onset diabetes.

Boost Your “Good” Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol, a waxy substance found in the blood stream, helps form cell membranes, some hormones, and a variety of tissues. Lifting weights on a regular basis boosts protective HDL (the “good” cholesterol) levels, while lowering LDL (“bad” cholesterol) blood levels. The higher your HDL level (the ideal is defined as 60 mg/dL or more), the more protection you have against coronary artery disease.

Enable Your Body To Move More Efficiently

The exercises strengthen what tends to get weak and stretch what tends to get tight.

Boost Self-Confidence

Regular training can enhance overall feelings of well-being, making you feel both confident and attractive. Sexual Fitness doesn’t replace resistance or functional training workouts, and vice versa. The secret is to both challenge your muscles and integrate them for total support and strength.

It wasn’t long ago that exercise experts thought that weight training was for narcissistic bodybuilders who spent hours every day hoisting weights and staring at themselves in floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

Actually, as the scientists found out, there was more to weight training than mere vanity. Much more in fact.

Take your hardness workouts to the next level. And why not? Hard is good, but harder is even better.

Why Some Men FAIL at Male Enhancement
By A.J. Alfaro

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In the last few issues of the “Just For Guys” Newsletter, we’ve been talking about a variety of male enhancement strategies, such as the real truth about “penis pills”… how to perform male enhancement exercises that actually work… and which male enhancement deviceson the market are worth your while.

The fact is, all of these techniques can be successful, whether you’re using pills, exercises, or devices — or a combination of all three.

However, I want to talk about what happens if you DON’T see any improvement.

What Am I Doing Wrong?!?

From time to time, I’ll get a frustrated client who complains about not making gains with the program.

They’ll email me with statements like: “the program isn’t working for me,” “what am I doing wrong?” etc.

My response is always to ask these men some questions, including:

  • How long have you been using your particular male enhancement method?
  • What are or were your goals?
  • Are you keeping records of what you’ve been doing?
  • And most important: What kind of routine are you following?

The average unsatisfied client has been working out for about two months (not very long), has a goal of gaining 2 inches in length (which is reasonable), and… (here’s the kicker) the routine they’re following is NOTHING like what I’ve recommended!

There’s a pattern here.

In order to gain from a PE program, you have to be able to follow instructions. In the basic exercise routine we spoke about a few weeks ago, I give a concise outline of what should be done for the first few months of PE.

If the basic routine seems a little boring to you, please remember that the purpose of the basic routine is to create a foundation of structural strength so that you’ll be able to withstand the heavier and much more stressful intensity loads of the more advanced exercises.

Follow the routines as outlined (ESPECIALLY if you’re a beginner), and you’ll do fine.

When More Is NOT Necessarily Better…

Another problem my readers and clients sometimes encounter is the “more is better” way of thinking.

They’ll say to themselves: “Hey, I did 50 reps of ‘the squeeze’ and my penis is pumped a whole 1/2 inch bigger than ever! If it only took 50 reps to add that 1/2 inch, then with 100 reps, I should be able to add a whole inch!”

These are the same individuals that email me privately complaining about severe bruising and swelling. I repeat: stick to the program!!!

Once you’ve had several months to gauge what’s accurately working for you, then I recommend experimenting with the exercises, layouts, and routines. Until then, though, it’s best to follow the routines as outlined.

Here’s another thing that falls into the overzealous category: daily measuring. Guys, please stop measuring yourselves daily!

You need to have reference points to gauge your progress! Beginners should measure no more than once a week. Advanced trainees (more than 2-3 months of PE) should measure once every 2 to 3 weeks.

Keep Track Of Your Progress

Keep a log of your routines, measurements, and goals. Write everything down. Hand positions, lubes used, length of hot soaks — everything.

By keeping accurate logs, you’ll be able to see what’s working (and what isn’t), and you’ll be able to track your progress with more precision.

The key is to follow instructions, pace yourselves, and set reasonable, achievable goals.

Your goals should include short-term, mid-range, and long-term goals.

By following these straightforward instructions, you’ll be much more likely to succeed in PE. It is these simple principles that turn PE “failures” into PE “gainers.”

“Just For Guys” Fun Fact…

In Ancient Greece, a small penis was considered the ideal.

A Magic Mushroom for Male Sexuality
By Dr. Z, ND

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Would you make tea from a fungus growing out of a caterpillar? And actually drink it? What if it increased your libido, your testosterone levels, and your sperm count?!?

Okay, now hang on, because this story is about to get even weirder…

A Rare Breed Indeed…

“Cordyceps sinensis” is a parasitic fungus which grows on the caterpillars and pupae of a rare moth found in certain parts of Tibet and China.

It has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries, particularly in Asian countries, with a tremendous reputation for its anti-aging and libido-enhancing properties.

Traditionally, this funky fungus was reserved for royalty, since it was rare and difficult to find — and therefore expensive.

The historic use of Cordyceps has inspired much scientific curiosity and research in recent decades, which is now supporting the traditional use of this interesting substance.

Plus, new methods of cultivating the fungus have been discovered which do not involve any cruelty to caterpillars. It can now be grown in labs on culture mediums made from grains and soy beans.

This has also dramatically reduced the price of the fungus, which can be as high as $1,000 per ounce if collected in the wild.

What Makes This Fungus So “Magic”?

Cordyceps sinensis contains a number of highly bioactive compounds which have beneficial effects on almost every aspect of health, primarily because they promote the function of the mitochondria — the little energy-producing units in every cell of the body.

As a result, it can be very useful in the treatment of a variety of age-related disorders.

And it can also be used to treat low sex drive, low testosterone levels, and low sperm counts.

Cordyceps has been shown to significantly increase testosterone production in both mice and subfertile boars. It has also been shown to improve both the quality and quantity of sperm produced by boars given cordyceps.

The research concluded that Cordyceps might contribute to an alternative medicine for the treatment of some reproductive problems caused by insufficient testosterone levels in human males.

So if you think you could handle ingesting the fungus that was originally discovered growing on Tibetan caterpillars… well, who knows: you could be as happy as a pig in, um, fungus.

See You Next Time!

Whether you’re willing to ingest that insect fungus or not…

Whether you’re willing to stick to your male enhancement exercise program or not…

… And whether your interested in following Dr. Lamm’s physical exercise program or not — don’t forget that we can help you meet your goals concerning erection size, lasting power, and potency!

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Oh, and of course, if you have any questions, just contact us any time at Talk to you soon!Craig JacksonEditor,

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