Author: Robert Davidson

What’s On YOUR Mind?!

Sex and women. Let’s face it: this is what we think about. At least a good chunk of the time. And when we have problems in these areas, we can’t STOP thinking about them. Problems like: Having a small penis… or not being able to “get it up” with your wife…

Let’s Talk Longevity…

We all want things to last… whether it’s your favorite socks or a good mood. But in the search for longevity in our lives, what’s really important? Sex, of course. The length of your life, of course! Your ability to hold someone’s attention — a woman’s attention. Of course. So

Summer’s Not Over Yet!

In my part of the world, summer is just hitting its sizzling peak. Now is the time to revel in those long beach days… those sexy summer nights… those revealing little dresses that seem to be everywhere this year… 😉 So I wanted to fill this issue of the “Just