Month: July 2018

Big… Bigger… Biggest!

Okay, guys… here it is. It’s time. It’s the SIZE issue We’re talkin’ big, bulging biceps. We’re talkin’ a big, impressive, uh… “member.” And we’re talking about huge, crashing, blow-you-away orgasms. There are some areas where size most definitely counts — and these three topics are the greatest size hogs of ’em

The TRUTH About “Penis Pills”

… By AJ Alfaro “Add inches to your penis!” Ads like these are everywhere… on the internet, in your email inboxes, in men’s magazines, on the radio, and even on TV, you’ve no doubt seen countless ads for male enhancement. There are programs, pills, devices, surgery, hypnosis… the list goes

Summer’s Not Over Yet!

In my part of the world, summer is just hitting its sizzling peak. Now is the time to revel in those long beach days… those sexy summer nights… those revealing little dresses that seem to be everywhere this year… 😉 So I wanted to fill this issue of the “Just