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Big… Bigger… Biggest!

Big… Bigger… Biggest!

Okay, guys… here it is. It’s time. It’s the SIZE issue

We’re talkin’ big, bulging biceps. We’re talkin’ a big, impressive, uh… “member.”

And we’re talking about huge, crashing, blow-you-away orgasms.

There are some areas where size most definitely counts — and these three topics are the greatest size hogs of ’em all.

So read on… and size up what our experts have to say about making these big topics, well… bigger!

Three Inch Gains: Fact or Fiction? 
… By AJ Alfaro

Most of you will agree that the claims you see in your email spam are a bit ridiculous. Still, a lot of you are probably wondering: “Just how much length can a man really add to his penis?”

The reality is that short of a miracle or using prosthetics (which really isn’t “enlargement”), you’re not going to add 4 inches to your penis in two weeks.

Some men take a few months to add 2 inches, while other take years just to put on an inch. As with most things, the rate of gains is dependent upon several factors. We’ll go over what’s required in a moment.

But is gaining three or more inches really possible? The answer is: “Yes.”

The Good News: You DON’T Need Surgery!

Very few things irk me more than seeing some self-proclaimed “expert” saying that the only way to enlarge your penis (if at all) is through surgery. If you didn’t already know it, enlargement surgery (for length) involves the severing of the ligaments attaching the penis to the pubis.

One thing that these “experts” won’t tell you is that the degree of post-surgical success depends almost entirely upon the patient diligently hanging weights from the penis AFTER the surgery! No weights, no growth!

A clinical trial done on natural penis enlargement methods back in the 1960s called the “Chartham Study” proved that penis enlargement through natural methods is indeed possible.

According to Dr. Chartham, the most effective methods of enlargement involved intense stretching… and the least effective (at least for long term growth) involved milking (AKA “jelq”).

Why go through a costly surgery when you can enlarge your penis naturally — and save yourself thousands of dollars!

Instead of severing the ligaments of your penis (risking possible impotence, or at the very least, a droopy erection), why not just STRETCH these ligaments?

Manipulating Size…

Though not easy, the penis can be manipulated into growing. In fact, the penis is one of the most malleable organs in the body.

Like a balloon, the penis (in most men) expands to many times its size, changing from a limp, very malleable organ to a structure capable of penetrating any number of fairly resistant structures.

Ironically, because of the nature of its function, the penis is a tough organ. That means that although the penis can be made to extend and expand beyond its normal limits, it won’t be easy to get it to do so.

There are many examples of body parts being stretched to many times their length and/or girth…

A perfect example of extreme ligament stretch can be seen in the women of the Padaung tribe of Myanmar. These “Giraffe Women” (as they are known) are known for their extremely elongated necks.

These women (starting as young as 2 years of age) wrap metal coils around their necks.

Over time, more and more coils are added… and by both pushing down the collarbones and stretching the entire structure of the neck, their necks can reach ten inches or more in length!

If a complex structure such as the neck can be elongated, surely the same applies to the penis — which by its very pliable nature is designed to expand to many times its usual size!

How Do You Get Your Penis To Grow?

To increase the length of your penis, you must force the ligaments at the base of the pubis to extend beyond their normal range. This is done through stretching (manually or with hanging or stretching devices).

To increase the girth of your penis, you must force the tough penile tunica to hyper expand.

This is best done through girth exercises like the “Squeeze,” which I’ll explain in detail in future articles. Other effective exercises include “milking” and “hanging.” (Beware, though: it’s important to know what you’re doing when you’re performing these exercises!)

Sounds simple enough, but you’ll have to keep hammering away at your routines in order to grow. You’ll also have to figure out what your recuperative abilities are so you can avoid possible damage to your penis or injury to an associated body part, and you’ll maximize your gains.

Routines like the ones we’ll talk about in future articles will guide you in the right direction. It’s important to have a structured routine with plenty of guidance. That way, your gains will keep coming smoothly and you’ll progress as swiftly as possible.

Of course, given the best routines and guidance, it’s still up to you to actually follow the routines.

A Short History of Length

So what is the real truth for how much you can grow your penis?

Well , the official world record for the most length ever added to a penis was performed through a combination of penile surgery and by using an extender device.

Dr. JØrn Ege Siana, creator of the JES Extender model of enlargement devices, worked with a 42 year old man who started with a 1.8 inch penis.

Through surgery and by using the JES, the patient added 5.7 inches to his penis, giving him a “well above average” 7.5 incher!

This is not to say that YOU can necessarily add 5.7 inches to YOUR penis. After all, world records are pretty hard to beat!

But it is a great example of the fact that penis growth IS possible, and that penis exercises DO work.

Stay tuned for my next update on the exercises I recommend for best results!

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In Search of a Bigger, Better Orgasm 
… By Dr. Steven Lamm, M.D.

Good sex is a physical activity. It takes stamina, strength, and flexibility to truly explore your sensuous — and adventurous — side. It takes the ability and mobility to try any sexual position without risking cramps or fatigue as you bear your partner’s weight.

With good health (and by following my guidelines in the “Hardness Factor” six-week program), you can retain optimal hardness, sexual performance, and pleasure indefinitely. Furthermore, you will heighten the sensitivity of your penis and have richer orgasms.

So what exactly is behind the greatest of great “grand finales”?

Start With A Good Erection

Let’s start by stating the obvious: The key to a good orgasm is a good erection.

If you are struggling to get — and maintain — a hard erection, then that needs to be your primary focus, at least for now.

The common risk factors that negatively impact your hardness include the following:

  • High cholesterol, especially LDL-C (low-density lipoprotein cholesterol)
  • Hypertension
  • Depression and stress
  • Smoking
  • Weight

If you’re struggling with the quality of your erections, then it’s time to focus on your health and improving your hardness before worrying about the end result of your sexual encounters!

Rest assured, though, that a healthier lifestyle — including proper nutrition, exercise, and supplements — will improve not only your penile hardness, but the strength and quality of your orgasms as well.

The “Unquickie” — Tantric Sex

Let’s have a quick look at the much mythologized methodologies behind the ultimate in great sex lore: tantric sex.

The polar opposite of the quickie, this discipline from India removes orgasm as the immediate goal, delaying it for quite some time as the lovers pursue a heightened mind/body sensual experience.

The Tantric belief is that our sexual urgings spring from an internal furnace that provides each of us with a vital flow of energy. Reaching climax means sexual energy is lost.

… But by taking control of sexual desires and putting the brakes on orgasm for as long as possible, the thinking is, we are able not only to intensify the sexual experience, but to expand our consciousness as we learn new things about ourselves and our partners.

Sexual encounters are long, languid, and sensual. The naked Tantric partners receive enjoyment from lovingly touching and being touched in the same manner as they look into each other’s eyes, breathing together in tandem.

By focusing on the sensations and how they feel about their partner, men are taught to delay orgasm for as long as possible. In the process, lovemaking is stretched to record time and partners become more “connected,” intimately bound to each other and the movements of the universe.

Besides that, the sex is good!

Come Again?

Let’s talk about how quickly you can move on to the next orgasm…

Once an orgasm occurs, the erection begins its process of detumescence. As this occurs, the penile veins open, blood drains out, and the penis becomes flaccid once again.

The refractory period is the temporary recovery period between ejaculations in which a man cannot be sexually aroused to further orgasm. This may be the result of a temporary rise in a hormone called prolactin.

A drug is currently in development to reduce the refractory period. (Is this a great time to be a man, or what?)

So, when is it typically possible to be ready for another orgasm?

Several critical factors come into play:

  • Your Hardness Factor: Underlying risk factors will cause a delay.
  • Age: Youth (and good health) is in your favor. In your 20s, a second hard erection and orgasm is possible within minutes. Thirty to forty years later, decreases in nerve function and underlying atherosclerosis may stretch the refractory period to a day.
  • Libido: A healthy appetite for sex, regular sexual activity, and a willing partner play important roles in triggering follow-up erections and orgasm.

Unfortunately, biologic concerns (about hardness issues especially) often act as effective barriers to romance and intimacy. My aim is to help men like you overcome these various hurdles so you can reclaim your sex lives.

As a doctor and a sexual medicine scientist, I created “The Hardness Factor” to aid men in their 20s thorough their 70s and beyond, not only with your health and sexuality, but in the sheer enjoyment of life.

“Just For Guys” Fun Fact…

Men who have fewer orgasm are twice as likely to die of any cause as men who have two or more orgasms a week.

The Biggest Bicep 
… by Mike Wonnacott

Biceps are probably the most overstrained body part by men of all ages. The “big gun” attitude is something we have all faced at some point — myself included.

t’s no secret women like men with muscular arms, but a great pair of fit arms crossed over a protruding gut is a complete turn-off.

Overall fitness and a well proportioned body is really what women will look for. And besides, these are the markers of good health!

With that said, let’s talk how you can achieve those “big gun” arms — in combination with your overall fitness, of course!

Dissecting Your Bicep

Your bicep muscle is responsible for moving your hand towards your shoulder. The bicep muscle actually consists of 3 muscles:

  • The “biceps brachii” is the main bicep muscle.
  • The “brachialis” is the outside bicep muscle.
  • The “brachioradialis” is the connector muscle between the main bicep and the forearm muscle.

To develop bicep muscles, you will need some form of resistance — whether it be barbells, dumbbells, bands, cables, machines, or what have you. I personally do all of them.

If you choose to work out at home, you might want to opt for bands. They don’t take up much room and are easy to store. The bands vary in difficulty so you can progressively get stronger if you choose.

You can use any of these types of resistance equipment for my recommended bicep exercises, or you can use them interchangeably.

Mike’s Recommended Bicep Blowouts

To really pump up those biceps, you need resistance exercises that will isolate the bicep muscles. Here are some of my favorites:

Sitting Dumbell Curls: 21s

Sitting dumbbell curls are my favorite, mostly because I like back support. I do 21s. This is a tri-set of 7 reps descending in weight. You do 7 reps with your heaviest weight, 7 with the next size down, and 7 more with the lightest weight for the last set.

No rest between sets! Have weights set up ahead of time so you can keep going.

Standing Barbell Curls

Standing barbell curls are probably the most standard form of bicep development. It’s best to do them standing against a wall so you will have better form and better back support.

Most people don’t do this — likely because they simply don’t know any better.

Concentration Curls

Sit on the end of a flat bench. Spread your legs apart into a “V” and lean forward slightly.

Grasp the dumbbell in one hand with your palm facing upward. Rest your elbow on the inside of your thigh and let the dumbbell hang. Rest your other hand on the top of your other thigh for support.

Slowly curl the weight up while keeping the torso, upper arm, and elbow still. As you lift, twist your wrist so that your little finger turns towards your body. Squeeze the muscle at the top and then slowly lower the weight.

Cable Hammer Curls

Attach a rope attachment to a low pulley. Stand face forwards and about 12 inches away from the machine.

Grasp the rope with a palms-in grip and stand straight up. Put your elbows at your side and KEEP them there during the entire movement. Your elbows should not move.

Pull your arms up until your biceps touch your forearms, keeping your palms in a facing-in position. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

Close Grip Barbell Curls

This is like the normal barbell bicep curl, but with a closer grip which works the outer part of the biceps more.

Grab a cambered barbell and hold it on the innermost ridges. Your two hands together should be in the shape of a big “V.” While standing, hold the bar at arm’s length in front of you.

Curl the bar up while keeping your elbows in the same place. Do not swing! Contract your biceps as far as you can go, then slowly return to the starting position.

Cable Preacher Curl

This is just like the normal preacher curl, which is done with a barbell. Place a preacher bench about 2 feet in front of a pulley machine.

Attach a straight bar to the low pulley. Sit at the preacher bench with your elbow and upper arms firmly on the bench pad. Do not let your elbows or upper arms move! Pull the weight up towards your shoulders and squeeze at the top. Do not rock your body — go slowly. Lower the weight to the starting position and repeat.

Mike’s “Biggest Bicep” Training Tips

Many people simply don’t realize the importance of good muscle balance. Experts agree that increasing your overall flexibility and strength can help avoid injuries.

Stretching and strengthening muscles on both sides, sometimes referred to as antagonistic or opposing muscle groups, is of utmost importance. Typically, muscles on the front of our bodies tend to be stronger simply because we use them more often. We lift objects with our biceps and climb stairs with our quadriceps.

Also, the dominant or preferred side (right or left) is often stronger in the front. Stronger muscles tend to gain even more strength, while the opposing, or opposite side muscles tend to lengthen. In time, a significant imbalance can be created.

An often overlooked injury prevention prescription is to strengthen the weaker muscles and work on improving flexibility on the stronger muscles.

For example, we all want that six-pack, so we do crunches, train on ab machines, etc. But back pain is one of the most common complaints. As we strengthen the abdominals, we forget to do the same for the opposing lower back muscles to balance our stronger abs.

Muscle balance is important for muscular and structural integrity. When a muscle is both strong and flexible, it is easier to maintain a neutral or stable position.

See You Next Time!

Well, I hope our size issue has been a “big” help for you!

If you would like more information on these topics (or others) from our experts, don’t forget to visit us at

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