Month: May 2019

Sorry Guys, This Study Says Size Really Does Matter

Brace yourselves boys. Turns out penis size really does matter. Does that fly in the face of what you’ve heard, be it from women or psychologist-written articles you’ve read that assure guys the size of their Johnson doesn’t matter? Well, cold, hard science suggests they’re wrong. That’s according to a

Is She Keeping These 9 Things From You?

A woman’s heart is an ocean of secrets. You know that, but is that good or bad? Is what’s going on deep within the recesses of her mind something she can use against you? Hint, she does – sometimes. Knowledge is power, so pull up a chair and take a

8 Daily CEO Habits for Success

You’ve read all the stories about how the average CEO earned more than you in a year by 10AM on his first working day each January. But how did they get there? It’s not all Harvard and business suits – these 8 daily habits are common among some of the

4 Ways to Build Muscle After 40

You may have seen pictures recently of a completely ripped JK Simmons (OK, Vern Schillinger if you’re an Oz junkie). Agreed, the dude’s packing some major pipes. But that’s not why the photos went viral. The bigger story was the actor’s age: 61 years-young at the time they were taken.

Manly Manly Man

Okay guys, take a moment to beat your chests and get a little sweaty. ‘Cause we’re talking about being MEN in this issue. Manly, sweaty, sex-lovin’ men. Sure, we’re good guys. Sure we have brains. But we are also men — men who sometimes need to be reminded that it’s