Let’s Talk About SEX (baby!)

Woo-hoo! Sex: our favorite topic. Our favorite pastime. Let’s talk about sex… Sex and your fertility. Okay, before you start letting the air outta that balloon, this is GOOD news: a simple supplement you can take to boost your fertility and perhaps help reduce the risk of chromosomal abnormalities. Getting sexy

The Secrets to Success

Sure, we all want to succeed “in life.” But let’s get real about the specific things we want to succeed in. For example, who hasn’t had a super hot female friend you want to get into your bed… but don’t really know how to approach it. Use this step-by-step technique and you’re practically guaranteed

Sometimes Quantity DOES Count!

So, I posted a little while ago to talk about increasing the quantity of your ejaculate (okay, okay: I’m talking about how to get a “bigger load!”). Because the reality is, if you’re just kinda dribbling a little in this department, you’re really missing out. Guys who shoot a bigger load have STRONGER

Sex, Mood, and Marriage

Ever feel like you’re just not cut out for marriage? Ever feel like you don’t last long enough in bed? Most men feel that way at least a few times in their lives… And here’s what you can do about it: Sex expert Teesha Morgan carries the key to unlocking your

Life’s Important Questions

Not enough energy for sex? Questions about your penis — or your male enhancement exercises? Wondering WHY the heck you’re not meeting any women lately? Who’s NOT thinking about at least one or two of these questions — especially at this time of year, when we’re no longer preoccupied with

Happy New Year!

A new year, a new decade… What could feel more like a clean slate? It’s time to start fresh and set goals for the new year and the decade to come. With that in mind, we’ve got some fabulous advice from our experts to help make this year your best year

For the Love of Unexpected Benefits

Did you know that there are enormous (no pun) benefits to penis enlargement — besides a larger penis?!? Have you thought about the side benefits of sexual health — other than better sex?!? Sometimes, the side benefits are at least as good as the main goal; sometimes they’re even better. Today, our

How Abnormal Is This?!?

Does your penis bend in one direction when erect? Many men experience a curvature of the penis, and for as many as one percent of all men, this curvature is a painful, more serious problem known as “Peyronie’s disease.” But did you know that there IS something you can do

Age and Agency: What Are Your Options?

Message from Craig Jackson, Editor In the last issue of the “Just For Guys” newsletter, we talked about how aging can affect your performance in the bedroom… Today we’re going to hear Dr. Stephen Lamm’s advice about aging and the quality of your erections. AJ Alfaro chimes in with great