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Any guesses why ExtenZe® has sold over a Billion pills?

We'll give you a hint: it's because ExtenZe® is one of the best natural virility supplements for men on the planet. Think stronger sex drive, bigger erections, awesome stamina and a climax that simply rocks.

It's all thanks to a powerful and expertly dosed formula delivered with a liquid gel cap that gives a slow, steady release in to the blood stream.

Your body will love ExtenZe® – and YOU will enjoy the better (and more!) sex it brings!


ExtenZe™ is an all-natural supplement that provides maximum efficacy thanks to its patented extended-release formula. Using eleven scientifically backed ingredients, ExtenZe™ offers numerous benefits ranging from increased sex drive to better erection quality to improved overall sexual satisfaction. Take a look at the ingredients found within the powerful formula and see for yourself!


Zinc is a well-known component of many male enhancement products. This common ingredient plays a vital role in our sexual well-being, but, with time, a deficiency is often inevitable for most men. At optimal dosages, zinc is clinically proven to trigger the body to naturally produce key sex hormones such as testosterone and prolactin. Since zinc is not produced by the body, it’s necessary to supplement our diets with pills or foods rich in zinc.

ExtenZe™ uses the highest quality zinc available to help you get the most out of your supplement. You’ll see increased libido, improved erection quality, and better overall performance thanks to this optimally dosed supplement.

Seafood and other foods containing zinc


This all-natural ingredient offers exceptional benefits when it comes to erection size and quality. Folate works to increase both red and white blood cells, which in turn, increases blood flow to the penis. Harder erections and better orgasm control are common for men who supplement their diet with folate.

Aside from stronger, more sustainable erections, folate has also been shown to improve sperm production when combined with zinc.


Black Pepper

You might be surprised to learn the amazing benefits that black pepper can have on the body. Like folate, black pepper naturally helps increase blood flow to the penis. That’s because it contains a Piperine, a well-known nutrient that has positive effects on the amount of Coenzyme Q10 found within our blood.

More importantly, black pepper is unique in that it gives the other ingredients found within ExtenZe™ a greater bioavailability. With increased absorption rates, you’ll see faster results than most other male enhancement products on the market.

Black Pepper

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Extenze Review


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