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For the Love of Unexpected Benefits

For the Love of Unexpected Benefits

Did you know that there are enormous (no pun) benefits to penis enlargement — besides a larger penis?!?

Have you thought about the side benefits of sexual health — other than better sex?!?

Sometimes, the side benefits are at least as good as the main goal; sometimes they’re even better.

Today, our “Just For Guys” experts are here to unveil the side benefits that you may not have considered when your main concern is the health — and size — of your erections.

The Benefits of Penis Enlargement — Besides A Larger Penis!
By A.J. Alfaro

What is the reason for your interest in enlarging your penis?

Most men say the main reason they want to add size to their penis is to impress their partners. That’s an important reason, but it’s definitely not the ONLY benefit that you’ll get out of a good penis enlargement (or “PE”) program.

Let’s talk about what PE will do for you — besides increase your size.

Say “Goodbye” to Erectile Dysfunction

PE exercises have been proven to make your erections harder.

I’ve had men in their sixties on the program who were previously unable to maintain erections hard enough for intercourse.

Many of them contacted me to let me know they had increased their stamina and erectile hardness by performing some of the basic exercises listed in our program a few times a week.

One gentleman contacted me to tell me he was back to having unassisted intercourse twice a week for up to 30 minutes at a time.

What’s really amazing is that this was after six years of being unable to have sex with his wife without the aid of injectable drugs!

Increase Your Confidence

Some men have it and some men don’t.

Nowadays, women especially are saying that size definitely matters. Read through any modern women’s magazine and you’ll see it bluntly stated.

This is very intimidating to a lot of men, and it’s cited as the main reason why they’re interested in enlargement.

How much more sexual confidence would you have if penis size were not an issue to you (as it is with most men)? A good PE program will make any size fears a thing of the past.

Gain Better Control and Stamina

Premature ejaculation is one of the top sexual complaints that men have. Some men have it so badly that they ejaculate immediately upon penetration.

One of the beneficial side effects of PE exercises is the development of stamina.

Some men have developed such good control that they are able to control their orgasms at will — sometimes achieving multiple orgasms!

All This… And a Larger Penis, Too!

The truth is, there are a number of factors that will make you a better lover. And having a larger penis is often one of them.

But when you combine your larger penis with a new, increased level of confidence… better stamina… and the eradication of erectile dysfunction — look out, world!

Your sex life is about to take on epic new proportions!

The Benefits of Sexual Health — Besides Better Sex!
By Dr. Steven Lamm, MD

Sex is important to a healthy man. When you are physically and emotionally healthy, your penis is hard when you are aroused.

The essence of “maleness” and masculinity is intimately bound up in the idea of “hardness” and its relation to the penis.

Hardness and the Masculine Identity

Let’s face it: men need to be hard.

Not only is much of our self-image dependent on it; so is the creation of life. So much that is important in our life flows from this notion of hardness.

The concepts of self-sufficiency, physical strength, and confidence — a man’s mental hardness as well as his physical hardness — are vital parts of being a man.

Moreover, a crucial aspect of male hardness is the strength of his erection. When the penis is hard, life is good. When hardness diminishes, so does a man’s health and his innate sense of who he is.

Hardness and Your Overall Health

We are all sexual beings and sex is an essential part of who we are. The fact that you are reading these words shows that you take erections, sex, and health very seriously.

Unfortunately, most young men (and women) in this country fail to understand what links the three.

Men are an endangered species. We are dying from a variety of diseases that could easily have been prevented had they been addressed much earlier.

We are dying from cardiovascular disease, our number-one killer. We die of cancers (particularly of the prostate and the colon) that have either metastasized or were detected too late.

We die from the effects of depression and bipolar disorder, which often result in fatal heart attacks and suicide as we age.

In essence, we are dying of a slew of disorders that can be prevented. Moreover, men are extremely slow to react when it comes to our own health and well-being.

Hardness and Positive Change

What is going to change this particular male trait of medical denial?

It has always been very clear to me that men need some kind of motivating force to bring about positive health changes.

And when I think of men and motivation, I think of only one thing: sex.

In just the past decade, researchers have made the all-important link between sexual activity and good health…

When your neural connections are firing and nitric oxide is being released in great abundance throughout your body, your cognition is high — and your erections are rock hard.

When a man’s blood vessels are healthy and “elastic,” your heart and brain are functioning well — and your erections are rock hard.

When testosterone levels are normal and your weight is controlled, you have the ability to train most effectively — have a healthy, trim body — and your erections are rock hard.

Once men start to connect the dots, once we fully understand that good health and hard erections are synonymous, we will begin to take better care of ourselves.

“Just For Guys” Fun Fact…

8 out of 10 men with moderate to severe erection problems are overweight.

The Benefits of Being Unpopular

I am, at times, unpopular.

Why? Because I have a talent for seeing a single point of data about a person or situation and the ability to predict when something is NOT going to work based on that single data point.

Now, I can’t tell you when something is going to go right, but I can darn sure tell you when something is going to go wrong.


Because I know past behaviors of people are going to determine future outcomes. And I also know people’s self images rarely change, unless they take action to change them.

Let Me Give You An Example…

Many years ago I had a friend who’d just met a new boyfriend she was all excited about. Now, I usually know better than to criticize a new boyfriend, so when she gave me the one data point that told me it was going to go bad, I kept my mouth shut.

What was it?

She told me that he was such a sweet guy because the headlight on her car was out, and he went to the junkyard and spent four hours finding the replacement part.

Right then, I knew it wasn’t going to work.

Why? Because I knew she was a woman who valued men with the ability to earn money, and this guy didn’t have the proper mindset.

How could I tell?

The fact is, no one serious about being successful would spend four hours rummaging around in a junkyard for a part, when someone else whose time was much less valuable could fix it much more quickly.

The Single Point of Data That Told The Truth

The truly successful think in terms of time, not money, and I immediately picked up on the fact that this guy thought in terms of penny-pinching, not abundance.

I knew it wouldn’t work a week after she met the guy.

Nine months later it all blew up.

The fairy tale ended with her taking on a mountain of debt.

She’d paid this loser’s bills for months, all the while defending him to her family, friends, and everyone else who told her what a low-rent loser he was.

If you pay close attention to people’s ongoing “programs” and their self images, you can make shockingly accurate predictions about them, and shield yourself from future negative consequences.

Single points of date ARE meaningful if you learn how to interpret them.

See You Next Time!

Let’s not forget the overarching benefit of erection health and male enhancement: your greatly improved life.

Your confidence will be improved. Your relationships will be improved. And your happiness and quality of life will, too.

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