Author: Craig Jackson

The TRUTH About “Penis Pills”

… By AJ Alfaro “Add inches to your penis!” Ads like these are everywhere… on the internet, in your email inboxes, in men’s magazines, on the radio, and even on TV, you’ve no doubt seen countless ads for male enhancement. There are programs, pills, devices, surgery, hypnosis… the list goes

A Remedy For What Ails You!

— From Editor Craig Jackson Do you know the Black Crowes song, “Remedy”? One line from it is: “If I had some remedy, I’d take enough to please me.” Well, that’s what we’re hoping to do with this issue of the “Just For Guys” Newsletter. It’s filled with remedies from our

How YOU Can Prevent “The Inevitable”

— From Editor Craig Jackson Are erection problems an inevitable part of growing older? How about prostate cancer? And do you have to put up with premature ejaculation — or worse: the inability to reach orgasm when you’re with your partner? Our resident doctors are here today to tell us

The Doctor Is In!

— From Editor Craig Jackson I’m so excited (no pun, I swear) about this issue of the “Just For Guys” Newsletter… We’ve lined up a team of medical professionals to give you the straight, hard truth (again, honestly, I’m not trying to be an idiot) about, you guessed it: Our

The Relationships That Matter To You Most

Well, I guess you could call this issue of the “Just For Guys” Newsletter the “relationship issue”… but this is no regular relationship issue! We are NOT talking about finding the perfect gift for your honey… or the top 10 ways to say “I love you” with cute (read: nauseating!)